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MD Certified Life Care Planner

We are dedicated to providing personalized Life Care Plans to individuals facing long-term healthcare requirements.  We are certified physician life care planners with expertise to independently prepare and defend recommendations for ongoing medical care.  We offer an entire range of medical and professional services to assist with the road of long-term planning.


With more than 15 years of combined experience, Dr. Hector Miranda Grajales, Dr. Elena Arizmedez, and Dr. Valerie Rundle Gonzalez are recognized experts in the review and assessment of future healthcare needs and associated costs. Dr. Miranda-Grajales is triple boarded in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Interventional Pain Management, and Brain Injury Medicine. He is also a Certified Life Care Planner. Dr. Rundle Gonzales is a board-certified Neurologist with a sub-specialty in movement disorders and a Certified Life Care Planner.  Dr. Arizmendez is board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and is a Certified Life Care Planner.

Dr. Miranda-Grajales, MD, CLCP
Dr. Miranda-Grajales, MD, CLCPPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Brain Injury Medicine
Dr. Arizmendez, MD, CLCP
Dr. Arizmendez, MD, CLCPPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Rundle Gonzales, MD, CLCP
Dr. Rundle Gonzales, MD, CLCPAdult Neurology, Movement Disorders


As well as a Cost Analysis, we also provide…

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