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Neuropsychological Examinations

After an individual suffers an injury or illness that affects the brain, or has a mental disability requiring diagnostic clarification, a thorough neurophysiological evaluation can provide an in-depth assessment of skills and abilities linked to brain function.

These include the following tests that measure attention deficits, problem solving, memory recall, language, I.Q./academic skills, visual-spatial skills, and social-emotional functioning, among others.

  • Cognitive

  • Motor

  • Behavioral

  • Linguistic

  • Executive Functioning

Once completed, neuropsychological examinations can help predict a person’s ability to perform activities of daily life (ADL) such as seeking and maintaining employment, attending school, managing finances and safely maneuvering through their environments.

A neuropsychological evaluation can be administered in any setting through a variety of non-invasive, standardized tests designed to measure a full spectrum of mental abilities. These can include guided conversation to determine the subject’s emotional state, thinking/reasoning abilities and memory recall, as well as other standardized testing designed to reveal dexterity and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and materials manipulation.

Testing is often followed by personal interviews with family members, caregivers, or individuals associated with the subject.

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