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Catastrophic Life Care Plans

Life Care Plans specify the medical conditions and ongoing medical requirements of catastrophically and/or chronically ill or injured individuals, and quantify the cost of supplying them with requisite, medically-related goods and services over a specified probable duration of care.

Often used for litigation purposes, a patient-specific Life Care Plan specifies qualitative and quantitative medical and quality-of-life needs for chronically ill, injured, and disabled individuals to ensure they are able to adequately plan for the future.  While Life Care Plans are highly individualized, they generally include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Thorough Case Overview

  • Chronological Review of Records to Date

  • Interview & Physical Examination

  • Summary of Diagnoses

  • Glossary and Description of Pertinent Injuries & Illnesses

  • Specific Medical Requirements for Treatment

  • Projection of Future Care Costs

There are two types of Life Care Plans based on an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily life (ADL.)

Catastrophic Life Care Plans outline treatment costs and needs of people living with permanent physical or mental impairment or chronic illness who have lost the ability to fully perform ADL.

Non-Catastrophic Life Care Plans detail treatment costs and needs of people living with permanent, chronic illness or physical impairment who retain the ability to perform some or all ADL, but do so with noted difficulty and loss of quality of life.

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