Cost Analysis


Cost Analysis Life Care Plans use Usual, Customary, & Reasonable (UCR) rates in determining the cost of recommended services.  We look at multiple fields of medical services when we look at the cost analysis.  Depending on the injured patient's conditions, we can investigate the costs of neurosurgery, orthopedics, pain [...]

Life Care Plan Reviews


Life Care Plan Reviews As Life Care Planners who are also board-certified physicians, we routinely perform systematic medical assessments and consultations to expertly formulate diagnostic conclusions and recommendations for ongoing care requirements. We provide a medically oriented assessment of your existing Life Care Plan to ensure that it [...]

Independent Medical Examinations


Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) An Independent Medical Evaluation involves a physician, psychologist or other healthcare professional who has generally not previously been involved in an individual’s care, who conducts an unbiased examination to assess the cause, extent, and medical treatment of an injury/illness, often when liability is at [...]

Neurophysiological Examinations


Neuropsychological Examinations After an individual suffers an injury or illness that affects the brain, or has a mental disability requiring diagnostic clarification, a thorough neurophysiological evaluation can provide an in-depth assessment of skills and abilities linked to brain function. These include the following tests that measure attention deficits, [...]

Non-Catastrophic Life Care Plans


Non-Catastrophic Life Care Plans Life Care Plans specify the medical conditions and ongoing medical requirements of catastrophically and/or chronically ill or injured individuals, and quantify the cost of supplying them with requisite, medically-related goods and services over a specified probable duration of care. Often used for litigation purposes, [...]

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